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Top 5 SogetiLabs blogs from January 2021

Sogeti Labs
February 05, 2021

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from January 2021.

Key Principles for a Successful DevOps Culture

In this article, we are going to learn some of the basic principles of DevOps. But Before that, Lets Learn.

What is DevOps?

DevOps can be defined as a culture or process or practice within an organization that increases communication, collaboration, and integration of the Development (which includes the QA team) and the Operations (IT Operations) teams. The aim is to automate and speed up the software delivery process much more frequently and reliably.

To know in much more about basics of DevOps click on this link.

Get under the hood and get your hands dirty

“What makes you a good software tester? This is one question that we all have asked ourselves in one form or another. Even though it is a simple question, the answer can be hard to give. After all, every organization is different, every piece of software is different, and every test task is different. That said, there are definitely some traits we as testers need to have. In this blog we will look at some of them.

Monte Carlo, quantum computing’s killer app?

As the quantum computing revolution is unfolding, companies, start-ups and academia are racing to find the killer use case. In the past year, quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) simulations have come up more and more as a viable candidate. In the past year, we have seen breakthroughs, both in hardware and software development that bring a quantum advantage for quantum finance closer.

Reduce bugs by making the system easy to use

The trend is that systems grow in complexity and that we’re relying on systems of systems to get the needed value. At the same time, we want to deliver new functions to the users faster. This puts pressure on test. The first response is always, we need to automate more. And yes, that’s one part of the answer, but automation isn’t the only way to work more efficiently. The fastest way of getting rid of bugs is before they are made. Of course, we can’t get rid of them completely, but we can work towards less error-prone systems. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about one way we can do that.

Can a Smart Contracts replace my banking system in future ?

In today’s world our traditional business contracts are all done manually by legal teams. There is always a specific set of terms and conditions involved in any contractual agreements, we see a requirement of a financial institute, insurers, legal advisors in between the deliveries and payments for any business contracts. It’s human driven manual approach wherein the contracts are written on the discretion of a person or a team or a specific institutional policy. Although this approach of agreement works in 99% of the cases, it consumes time and adds up indirect cost. These indirect costs are not recoverable. In this blog I will try to highlight a parallel way of approach using blockchain smart contracts. Although it’s quite common in Blockchain world, but let me stress it once more to rethink if we still need our banking systems.

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