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Deepfakes show us a glimpse of a future where everyone can manipulate videos easily. Faces can be swapped, environments can be changed from rainy to sunny, and styles can be transferred from cinematic to cartoonish. Maybe one day we will have the option in Netflix to choose the faces for our own main characters. I will want Emma Watson and Idris Elba as lead characters and somebody else will watch the same movie but with other faces. Maybe you can even use your own face for the main character, and your own body? Of course, your friends could be costarring so your whole squad can go on adventure. Who knows?

There is a lot more to say about deepfakes, but the aim of this post is to keep it nice and light. So without further ado, these are my top 5 deepfake channels I’ve found on YouTube!


Probably the most famous deepfake channel and well known for his ‘Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger’ deepfake. The deepfakes on this channel are mostly based on clips from famous movies.

Two Minute Papers

This channel is awesome. It explains a lot of scientific papers, including GAN and Deepfake related papers. If you want to stay updated on the latest developments, subscribe :). See for example his most recent video on deepfakes / gans: ‘3D Style Transfer For Video is Now Possible!


Nice deepfakes about famous movies. This channel shows people can take control over who plays the main character. See for example one of the best videos of this channel: Solo | A Derpfakes Story: The original Han Solo, Harrison Ford, replaces Alden Ehrenreich in the latest movie in the franchise – Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Terro Karras FI

Terro is a principal research scientist at NVIDIA Research and once in a while, he shares his latest discoveries. Maybe you have seen the video with the faces that are not really humans? It’s from his channel.


A beginning deepfake channel, but already with a hilarious video imo: ‘Full House of Mustaches – Nick Offerman [deepfake]


A channel with some good scoring and some low scoring videos. But worth to subscribe to imo. Two famous videos are from this channel, the thumbnail: Jennifer Lawrence-Buscemi on her favorite housewives [Deepfake] and this one in which Ross Marquand impersonates 11 people at Jimmy Kimmel Live!. This video really shows the power of deepfakes in talkshows / impersonations.

I know I just listed 6 channels, but ‘top 5’ sounded better. You’ve just been clickbaited ;p. Let me know if there are other interesting deepfake channels / videos out there!

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