There is No Room for Traditional Testing & QA in your Digital Transformation Journey


Nothing should be traditional in your Digital Transformation (DT) roadmap; and that includes Quality Assurance and Testing too. Traditional testing approaches will simply not work for your DT journey! This is the first step in making your QA organization ready for Digital Transformation. Your Quality Assurance organization definitely needs a re-look before embarking on the journey.

The new digital era comes with new challenges for QA&Testing organizations. To meet the challenges, the QA organization must adopt a new approach to testing. Forget the concept of ‘find and repair’ and think about a complete ‘test transformation.’

Creating confidence should be the main goal of your QA&Testing organization, by improving quality output and delivering business assurance. This (i.e. creating confidence through build in quality) is the main focus for innovation in TMap® Human Driven. The new, adaptive building block approach aims to project and program test management, and facilitate seamless test execution and quality assurance. 

Traditional Vs the New QA organization

Here are some characteristics of the traditional QA&Testing organization:

  • During testing, the focus is on the application or the inter-application level
  • Assurance activities follow development activities with a little overlap
  • The test cycles are protracted
  • The focus is mostly on ensuring that the functionality is delivered correctly

The QA&Testing organization must dramatically change to be effective during a Digital Transformation journey. Here are some characteristics of an ideal QA&Testing organization:

  • Possesses the ability to focus on and assure the quality of complex digital product implementation, which includes multiple platforms, services, applications, and external connections
  • Involves QA&Testing in the overall application lifecycle. This results in doing things right from the very beginning
  • Increases the application/usage of new technologies and automation across the value chain. This leads to a near robotic test execution
  • Focuses on ensuring better customer experience. The QA&Testing organization should transform and present themselves as the business assurance partner and the guardian of customer experience

These characteristics not only describe the QA organization that will succeed during a Digital Transformation journey, but are in fact the characteristics required for the new QA organization to fit into our digital world.

Traditional QA organization

New QA organization

Focus on inter-application levelAssurance of digital products and services
Develop… TestDevOps
Protracted Test CyclesAutomated/robotic test execution
Ensure functionalityBusiness assurance and customer experience

In the following article (to be published tomorrow), I’ll discuss the key themes of QA & Testing organization during Digital Transformation. Watch this space…


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