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The next level: How to sustain organization’s right security maturity?

Henk de Ruiter
October 26, 2020

Organizations today view cybersecurity as a critical enabler for business growth – and rightly so. Creating a culture of continuous improvement in your security strategy will definitely take you toward the right maturity level. However, if you wish to stay ahead and gain that all-important competitive edge, just reaching there will not be enough. The sense of urgency to conduct security risk assessment is strong, but do they have the required capabilities for execution? How can one move forward in such a situation? Let’s delve deep into how your organization can not only enhance the security maturity level but also sustain the right value to enable business growth.

Having a robust security model does not mean assessing and addressing all gaps at once. Maturing organizations are more focused on aligning their next steps with what is required now. Considering the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape, they need to prioritize gaps from the business-risk perspective. It starts with assessing the threat landscape and aligning steps according to the urgency. Once they have embedded the culture of continuous improvement, they will want to take it one step further.

Employing the security-by-design approach

Better insights into security requirements will enable these organizations to make better choices of improvement in alignment with their capabilities. This can be done by thinking beyond where you are and focusing on where you need to be. For this, it is vital to employ the security-by-design approach, wherein you incorporate security assessment at every stage and embed the culture of continuous improvement. After all, reaching the maturity level is not enough – managing and sustaining security maturity is the real challenge.

Right help makes the difference

When an organization has a better view of their risk posture, they enhance their ability to make the decisions about taking the right steps to enhance security maturity. If you realize that the scope of security assessment is slowly escaping the reach of your capabilities, you can always find the right security system management partner who is well-acquainted to cater to your business’ needs. Many well-established companies commonly outsource operations to the experts so that they can focus more on core business demands. All you need is the right push – from reaching security maturity to successfully sustaining it regardless of the changing threat and regulatory landscape.

What should you look for in a security partner?

The right partner with profound expertise in security intelligence will provide insights into the threat landscape that can impact business operations. It can also help drive security infrastructure transformation in alignment with business goals.

For instance, Sogeti is taking Enexis Group to the cloud in a controlled and secured manner. The implementation and integration of applications within the IT operation will be simplified with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Fully automated processes will replace manual configuration work and Sogeti will build a container platform to develop secure and compliant cloud software.

This case study is a good example of how the investment and focus that companies bring to the issue by boosting cybersecurity immunity today will emerge stronger tomorrow.

For your organization to be resilient, focusing on your security roadmap with expert guidance will help you not only reach the optimized security maturity level but also sustain the right value for the future. We see cybersecurity as an enabler, not a blocker.

If you wish to know more or discuss this topic in detail, I will be happy to connect with you over a call or email.

About the author

Trusted Advisor Cybersecurity / Principal Consultant | Netherlands
Henk is a Trusted Advisor Cybersecurity with extensive experience in large Business/IT projects. He has advised/managed the development and implementation of business-critical software programs, with a focus on Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), Privacy (GDPR), realizing Security Compliance Assurance and managing TRUST!


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