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The new mobile device – Google Glasses

Sogeti Labs
July 29, 2013

+1 202 469 1518 flavien.boucher @sogeti.comLet’s forget about all the discussion/dilemma around data privacy, facial recognition and adult apps coming with the Google Glasses, and let’s see the potential in our day to day life to accomplish our jobs. Human error can have dramatic ending. Initial design of a plane or train or nuclear plan, can drastically complexify the maintenance activity and/or emergency action. A lot of industries are already using 3D sketching software to make sure their initial design is optimum for all actions that need to be proceeded on the product life cycle. The probably most advance industry in that field is the aeronautic one. Now what about performing real action, for maintenance or emergency. Today as best, you can follow procedure, maybe 3D procedure on a laptop or on a tablet, which is of course helping a lot. Let’s try to be in a real situation, could you imagine yourself in a plane, flying in the air, and you need to perform a maintenance task because one hydraulic system is not working anymore. Of course you can call the airplane company help desk for help and guidance, and also follow some steps and diagram on your laptop. Including the stress of the emergency, maybe the difficulty to understand the people who try to help you due to language or connection, and the difficulty to go in narrow space with a laptop, what is the risk level of a failure and/or human error? Probably very high. That was the old fashion way to operate. Now picture yourself with the Google Glasses and the maintenance app running, guiding your through all manual actions with 3D real size view, and identifying for you the mechanical piece incriminated in the issue and providing the steps to change the piece or fix it. That would drastically decrease the risk of human error, and of course increase the chance of success. This use case, can of course be extended to any industry: maintenance of nuclear plan, maintenance of a train, help during medical action, … One very specific use case I would like to share is the one the non-profit organization Colleagues in care is trying to push worldwide Basically they are trying to teach people, in country laking doctors how to proceed basic medical interventions to save life. They are doing that by sending doctors on the field and also providing videos to explain each steps. They have done an amazing job in Haiti. Now picture this exact same non-profit organization with Google Glasses and the capacity to deliver an unlimited number of Google Glasses in all part of the world in need. This could save a lot of life. Application for Google Glasses are closed, if you are one of the lucky ones who got one, please share your project. Hopefully many of the smart people who got the chance to be part of the program will propose interesting business app and/or meaningful app, so we can stop talking about the adult apps banished by Google.

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