The Internet of Old Things


OldWomanI want to die old … but stay connected! This will soon be the new hope for senior citizens. New technologies have always been more easily accepted by the “young” generation. But the “young” generations of today are the old generations of tomorrow. The use of internet on mobile or not mobile devices is about to be spread to all populations, from all levels of richness and all ages. The story of Grandma Stoehr is living proof that there is no age to get started.

AdultsOnlineGiven this spread, ergonomics and accessibility are, more than ever, one of today’s most important challenges in new technologies. We must face the fact that the devices we have seen in the explosion of Information Technologies are dying to a small fire. The keyboard gave way to the touch screen,voice devices overshadow the touch screens, and finally, wearables will slowly substitute mobile devices.

The Internet of Things for e-health, coupled with home automation devices and wearables aimed primarily the seniors will be the most affected. Advice to entrepreneurs: you have to forget the “35 year old single geek” market. New markets revolve around Grandma and Grandpa (without forgetting baby).


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