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The Future of design: Leap Motion x Oculus Rift x 3D printing

Sogeti Labs
September 06, 2013

Elon Musk demonstrates designing parts for a rocket his company could use just with hand gestures using a Leap Motion controller. After that, we move to a 3D projection of the part, free standing glass projection just like Iron Man, and even an implementation with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

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    One thought on “The Future of design: Leap Motion x Oculus Rift x 3D printing

    1. Not only the world of design but the world of gaming. Just image stepping into your game, crafting stuff and print it out on a 3d printer. Or social networking, google hangouts could be a virtual place you could goto just by putting the oculus on your head. Even in developing software i see use of 3d modelling. How many times i got “sick” of al the lines in models they draw in Visio, they really are bound in a 2d world and an extra dimension would really, really help out.
      Cant wait for the future!

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