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The Big roundup of Big Data trends for 2013

Sogeti Labs
January 07, 2013

We have seen a explosion of trendlists these past couple of weeks with predictions on what’s next in 2013. In this post I have made a selection of my 5 favorite articles containing predictions on what’s next for big data (a list of lists if you will). Some are a bit optimistic, some a little more pessimistic. I invite all of you to add your favorite lists or your own vision on where big data is heading in the comments. 5 Big Data predictions for 2013 | InformationWeek I was especially triggered by the idea of losing the ‘big’ in big data, after all we are talking about data. We have seen similar movements in other trends such as gamification where some voices also suggest to drop this term and in stead use terminology like gameful design or game design thinking. Big Data predictions for 2012 | Forrester This list contains some pretty bold predictions on where big data is heading including the one that says Time magazine will name big data its 2013 person of the year. This list triggered me with the notion of many firms will rediscover the power of algrorithms, combine them in new ways, and even initiate research efforts to find competitive new algorithms. Hadoop, Mobile, and Other Big Data Trends in 2013 | Slashdot Here we find a more nuanced vison on what is next for big data saying many of the trends that dominated 2012 will almost certainly continue in 2013. So 2013 will still mostly be about Hadoop and the lack of data scientists Big Data 2013: Industry Players’ Forecasts | ZDNet This is a list of trends from a industry point of view. A number of companies in the Big Data space contributed with their visions. What we’ll see in 2013 in data | GIGAOM The last list is adressing the idea of big data for the people. I like this because why do companies should be the only one benefiting from all these data streams. Also a hint at the future is given with the data use of tools like Google Glasses.

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