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The App Effect of the Internet of Things

Sogeti Labs
December 12, 2012

The App Effect might just enter a new phase with the internet of things being upon us. At LeWeb this year it was all about the internet of things. I’ve been watching some of the talks on YouTube the past couple of days and found the talk by Jeff Hagins, Founder and CTO of SmartThings one of the most inspiring to watch. SmartThings has created a platform for the Internet of Things that is enabling a ‘friction-free experience’ for consumers & business Users, developers, makers, and manufacturers by bringing the Physical Graph online and making the physical world programmable. Jeff thinks the future of the internet of things should be open (an open ecostystem for developers and users), intelligent (smart ways of converging the phycial world with the digital) and easy (easy tho handle, build for etc). Jeff describes how apps are the most easy interface to interact with the psychial world. After the mobile app revolution changed how we handle information, the App Effect (also read our book) might have a second run. Check out the talk by Jeff Hagins below, it also features some real cool demo’s of SmartThings (unless you think switching on the lights of a Christmas tree in Minnesota from a smartphone in Paris isn’t cool).

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