The 4 Focus Areas of DevSecOps

DevOps will make systems more secure. In opposite to what many think, adopting DevOps, with its fast release cadence, will result in hardened systems which are fully compliant with security guidelines and which can stand the modern hackers.


Teams must follow, must inject, secure guidelines and practices in their way of working. This way of working needs to be highly automated, supported by machine learning and role-playing.

Fast, flexible, innovative, cheap, compliant and secure are the common requirements the business has on systems. In the past these requirements where a tradeoff from each other. Fast, flexible and innovative never went hand in hand with compliant and secure. With the current set of development practices, tool and platform capabilities these tradeoffs are gone, teams which follow a Secure DevOps way of working (DevSecOps) will deliver and run secure systems.

For a secure system, DevOps teams and the connected business need to focus on the four key areas:

Automation, Machine learning, Platform, and Culture.

Find out more in the Whitepaper here.


Clemens Reijnen


Clemens Reijnen is a Management Consultant at Sogeti, specializing in Application Lifecycle Management. He facilitates ALM courses throughout Europe and is a frequent speaker at many conferences.

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