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Testing Machine Learning; Learning Machine Testing

Rik Marselis
June 07, 2016

Do you use a smartphone today? Yes. Did you use a smartphone 10 years ago? No. Do you use a robot today? Probably not. Will you use a robot in 10 years from now? Yes! Does that perspective bother you? What are the risks? What are the possibilities? What by today’s definition is a robot? It’s a machine that gathers information about its environment by input of sensors and based on this input changes its behavior. Combined with machine learning and machine intelligence the robot’s reactions over time get more and more adequate. The use of Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technology make a robot versatile. A Robot can come in many different shapes and forms. It’s not just the metallic man. It may just as well be an autonomous vacuum cleaner or a self-driving car. Testing a Robot How will you know you can rely on your robot (or more likely multiple robots)? We’ll have to learn how to test machines and can use machine learning for testing! To find out how to test a robot, I built my own robot, and started learning about testing it. In this presentation I will take you along my quest and share my experiences and insights. Learn more about the Euro Star Software Testing Conference here.

About the author

Quality and Testing expert | Netherlands
Rik Marselis is principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He has assisted many organizations in improving their IT-processes, in establishing their quality & testing approach, setting up their quality & test organization, and he acted as quality coach, QA-consultant, test manager and quality supervisor.


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