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Testing is dead, long live the Tester.

Sogeti Labs
September 05, 2013

For many years Testing has struggled to become recognized as an IT competence in its own right. And we were successful, as indicated by for instance the number of dedicated testing vacancies or well attended test conferences. And for a long time the main focus was on the methodological side of Testing: TMap, TPI, ISTQB and many other methods or approaches were developed and refined. But with the advent of Agile development it became clear that the testing community needed to broaden its focus, methodology alone isn’t enough anymore. One of the aspects that is still in its infancy is ‘the human factor’ (in TMap terms, this means that we need to pay more attention to one of the essentials, namely ‘adaptivity’ … but now I’m taking a methodological approach once more!). So where and how does it become apparent that the testing community is learning and developing into a discipline that truly recognizes the value of the individual more and more? One of these fields is Model Based Testing. The ‘extra’ skill or competence the Model Based Tester brings to the table, when compared to the ‘traditional’ tester, is his or hers ability to look and work beyond the boundaries of testing, creating models ourselves when they’re not available through development. As such the tester transcends the all too familiar role of quality person that roams the sidelines of the playing field, telling what to do – and what not! – without active participation in the software delivery process. This is changing: the tester is entering the playing field to actively contribute to a project’s success. And the nice thing about it is that we do not only do this in Agile development, but in end-to-end testing or acceptance testing as well. The tester is finally becoming an all round IT professional!

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    4 thoughts on “Testing is dead, long live the Tester.

      1. Yes, I would indeed choose to use the term “quality” to name this new role. The word “engineer” has possibly still a (too) technical connotation, so maybe we need to find another appropriate term for it.
        Any suggestions?

    1. The universities should teach more courses about testing, here in Peru I had a one elective course about the testing, I would like to teach testing and formalize the career line.
      Thanks a lot for your article, I think that depend of us to show the world the importance of the testing.
      Regards from Peru.

    2. I prefer the title of ‘Business Transformist’. Our focus as testers is moving more to the left in supporting delivering what the customer wants rather than what ‘development’ feels they want to provide – that’s a big chunk of where defects come from. Get requirements and specifications right first time, automate the coding process, you will get the result the customer wanted. Business Transformists will play a key role in this process. We need to train the users (and the business if that’s what you want to call them) to specify properly – this solves our major problem. This means ‘Testers’ have a massive future – but not as ‘Testers’

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