Presentation: Testing Blockchain Solutions

In this presentation, Filip Joele shares his experiences with this new technology so far. He kicks off with some high-level explanation of the concept and context, with some use cases to show the different possibilities. He also shares some examples from one of the projects he has joined to give some more insight in what approach one can take for testing blockchain solutions.

Testing Blockchain Solutions

About Filip Joele:

Filip is working for Sogeti Netherlands a little over 10 years now. Where he has always dedicated his professional time for Sogeti in the field of Testing his interests are wide. Over the years he has been involved in starting up or collaborating in communities on Green IT, Usability and GeoTesting for instance.

As a test professional he is now starting a new assignment in the role of scrummaster for a Creditcard company, other assignments have been in Telecommunications, Airline industry and the Insurance industry.

Joleen van der Zwan


Joleen van der Zwan is Innovation Lead for Sogeti Netherlands and responsible for blockchain with the company. She has a diverse background in media, retail, health care, aviation and banking industries. She provides customers with insights and advice on new technologies related to their strategy. Joleen is experienced in project management, business analysis, information architecture, account management and business intelligence. She is always up to date with the latest developments in technology. And she knows how to apply this due to her training in strategy and design thinking for innovation.

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