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Testing: are Agility and Complex projects good friends?

Sogeti Labs
February 14, 2014

One thought on “Testing: are Agility and Complex projects good friends?

  1. Hi Patrice,
    I got one question where does agile say to trow all the experience away that you acquired ?
    “ should not throw away all the experience acquired”
    This is a common misbelieve of agile. Nowhere does it say to do so.
    I assume this team worked as a scrum team ? Scrum is a frame work especially good for complex projects like these. What you experience was kaizen, you got feedback from your work, communicated, adapted and made the team stronger. The team has added what they needed to improve the whole.My guess is that this team will grow in experience and will become better and better. Probably use some automated testtools to do the regression faster and even more accurate.( which is most important as you already explained).
    Here we had some simalar issue’s now we as the testers in the team, can run our own deployements, which reduces waiting time by over 1day . Use to be 1 day now its 1-2mins. And so on..
    So the answer to your Q = Yes Agilty and complex projects are friends, heck they are Best friends for ever !!

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