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Technovision u0026amp; VINT: a Framework and a vision to get keys

Sogeti Labs
November 06, 2018

From year to year, I have had the opportunity to contribute to Technovision initiative as Sogetilabs fellow within the Capgemini group.

What is Technovision: Ron Tolido and Pierre Hessler introduce this framework as an enabler and a tool in order to take benefits of emergent technologies to create new use cases or to (re)redesign existing ones..

It’s really exciting to see and envision how new technologies, ideas, and projects penetrate domains and sectors. For example, regarding the platform adoption, first views in 2015 on this phenomenon were to analyze “how the platform could change the way to work between users and producers” and the impact on software industries as well.

The last article that I published on Platform in the Technovision 2018 edition is no more about the “could” effect but on the fact that Platform of platforms is a reality and composes a system of systems with a huge and complex environment. These platforms are deployed in every economic sector and facilitate the information data flow.

New issues and challenges appear to interconnect each platform and in the meantime manage the security and confidentiality. These new challenges could be certainly tackled using Artificial Intelligence and blockchain capabilities. For example, to create and maintain a trusted relationship between “end producers” and “end users” as it is mentioned in the second report about Digital Happiness and called “In code we trust” under the sponsorship of Michiel Boreel and Menno Van Doorn.

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