Technology Labs podcast: Episode 3 – The state of continuous testing


The state of continuous testing (with Antoine Aymer)

Our guest in this episode is Antoine Aymer. He did a talk about continuous testing at the QX Day 2019 and we interviewed him about the continuous testing report that Sogeti recently published.

The Technology Labs podcast is hosted by Tom van de Ven, Daniël Laskewitz and myself.

As always, the podcast starts with the technology updates. The topics include:

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Rik Marselis


Rik Marselis is one of Sogeti’s most senior management consultants in the field of Digital Assurance and Testing. He has assisted many organizations in improving their IT-processes, in establishing their test approach, setting up their quality & test organization, and he acted as quality coach, test manager and quality supervisor. Also Rik is a much-appreciated keynote-speaker at conferences.

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