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Technology Labs Podcast: Digital Twins (with Jeroen Kersten)

Rik Marselis
March 21, 2022

The metaverse is one big digital environment and a windmill can be represented by a nice digital wireframe image. Are they digital twins? Together with Jeroen Kersten we take a look at three different instances of a digital twin (digital assets, digital production and digital organisations). A lot of examples come by ranging from the Digital Twin of Sweden for mining transportation optimisation and windmill farm. Digital Twins are not those wireframe or CAD images you sometimes see with some data plotted on them. They ARE data. An elastic knowledge graph or a infinite mind map as Jeroen puts it shows the full potential of the digital twin. Ask your question in the context of the twin you are looking at and all the interconnections and relations become visible, hopefully solving your puzzle. Now only to integrate GPT3 natural language interpretation to these digital twin environments and we can just talk to our models to get the info we want.

It is the Matrix all over the place in this episode of the technology labs podcast. Of course we have a set of technology updates at the start of the podcast and in this case it was about:

Meta’s market value plunges by $230 billion in one day

NS and Arriva will test check-in and check-out based on GPS and smartphone app

Netherlands parliament made new law: mandatory updates for digital products

About the author

Quality and Testing expert | Netherlands
Rik Marselis is principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He has assisted many organizations in improving their IT-processes, in establishing their quality & testing approach, setting up their quality & test organization, and he acted as quality coach, QA-consultant, test manager and quality supervisor.


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