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How Technology becomes Nature

Sogeti Labs
September 26, 2014

Technology has become a inseparable part of life. This is not something specific for digital technology, but this goes back to the stone age. From stone-axes to smartphones, technology has always been an extension of the human. Yet, despite the our relationship with technology, most of us are still relatively unaware of how new technologies are introduced, accepted or discarded within our society. In this TED-talk Koert van Mensvoort (director of the Next Nature Network; an Amsterdam based think and design tank on the changing relation between people, nature and technology and sort of the Dutch Kevin Kelly) shows how technology becomes nature in seven steps and what engineers, inventors, designers and entrepreneurs can learn from that. This talk is based on a very interesting essay Pyramid of Technology. Here’s a link to the essay that also contains a great infographic style image of the presented seven steps.

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