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Tech News Recommendations (Episode 3)

Sogeti Labs
October 14, 2020

From console wars to portable workplaces, eGPU’s and quantum tech, it is all in this episode of the 3rd episode of our Tech curation video. I will show you how I (quickly) build my work space at home and hook you up with articles explaining the use of quantum computing with respect to COVID vaccination research.
There are some new video game consoles available apart from doodle-a-day, the new games that become available are also great to take a break while working from home.
Show me your doodles and I will work on some more for our next tech curation video.

These are the links to all the tech news mentioned in the video:

Console wars. New consoles at low prices. Who is winning the games-competition to win you over to their platform?

Everyone’s a curator now. Tech curation is what you are looking at with this video. Is curation a buzzword or a new way of filling in the old museum-curator role?

A series of quantum technology articles to get you up to speed with current day usage. Zooming in to potential applications of quantum computing in vaccine discovery and optimisation.

eGPU’s; an example of what hardware can do to spice up your old PC or laptop in the graphics department.

Create one doodle each day. There are multiple doodle-challenges out there. Instagram is the place to be and @thedoodlechallengegame is a great example how this can work.

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SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.


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