It’s Summer time! Who wants ice-cream?

ice cream truck

How to explain the Cloud to an ice-cream vendor?

ice cream truckIt was one of the greatest challenge I have faced during my summer holidays.  Visiting CIOs frequently as Expert Leader, I don’t stop hearing a familiar refrain:

“I don ’t want to deal with bits and bytes anymore

But how to explain to an ice cream truck driver that mutualization of IT resources, per-consumption cost design, scalability and self-service are key points for the IT Managers? “Tough but I’ll do it”. Let’s try. In fact, we have to consider Cloud as an IT concierge for companies. While hosted in a hotel, anything you need, even the trickiest thing, you just have to ask your concierge and you get it. You pay what you get. Cloud is the same for CIOs now.

Whether it’s for core  IT infrastructure or IT business services, Cloud services are designed so that everything is catered to any company and tailored to any kind of business sector.


sonnerie-cloud-2From last-minute massive resources reservation (marketing, training, DRP…) to global BAU management, workplace management, infrastructure and service management or even KPI definition – IT groups like Sogeti are the preferred service providers chosen by CxOs which are keen to enjoy the best of IT service capabilities.


Nowadays, propensity of Information Technology is anytime anywhere: IoT, Big data, social networks

There’s no way you can keep internally the entire IT skills and expertise’s scope that you need today.

Tired of not getting what you want? It’s time to ask the universe Cloud!
Cloud transformed the idea IT infrastructure means into Wishes Management

Kamel Abid


In summer 2014, Kamel Abid celebrated his 20th year as an IT professional, while swimming among computers and keyboards since the age of 5. Today, he manages tens of experts & architects, involved in complex transformation and integration of IT infrastructures in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

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    Our Ice Cream Truck goes so fast by time we hear the cute little tune he plays he goes past our house so fast we miss him so that s why my Turkey Hill ice cream is always in our freezer!!!!