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Substance Behind the Big Data Hype

Sogeti Labs
September 26, 2013

More evidence that backs up that big data adoption is on the rise, this week Gartner Joins in. Last week I wrote a post on how Big Data adoption is rising according to a survey conducted by NewVantage Partners among Fortune 1000 C-Suite executives and executives with responsibility for big data. The survey said that 68% of executives expect that their organizations will invest greater than $1MM in 2013, with the number rising to 88% by 2016. You can read all the details in this posting. This week Gartner published the results from their survey. I wanted to highlight what my take-aways are. First off, they found that information and business leaders most often associate the term “opportunity” with “big data.” Obviously this ‘positve connotation’ works well for a technology on the rise. The main conclusion is that  investments in Big data will continue to rise in 2013, with 64% of organizations investing or planning to invest in big data technology compared with 58% last year. Investments are led by media and communications, banking and services. Planned investments the next two years are highest for transportation, healthcare and insurance. So here’s how 2012 and 2013 compare: 255160_0001   Here’s how investments in different industries compare: 255160_0002 Improving customer experience is the top priority: 255160_0006 What are the main challeges for big data deployment 255160_0007 The survey shows that Big Data is still in its early stages. Only 8% of respondents has a big data solution in place. Organizations seem to struggle with determining how and where to find value. Enhanced customer experience is the top big data priority, with process efficiency close behind, that suits most cases we came across in our research. For all results and insights, visit the Gartner blog. Our fourth report on big data deals with the technical and organizational implications that companies need to deal with to unlock their big data potential. The report offers a checklist of twenty questions, that answer whether or not you are properly situated to tap into the Big Data potential, and of where the possible challenges may lie. The new rules focus on business tranformation, technological improvements and new ways of discovering data. button-pdf

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    2 thoughts on “Substance Behind the Big Data Hype

    1. There’re many Big Data articles – most trying to find a use case for standard Big Data technologies where it isn’t needed, or confusing success coming from actual implementation of the core analytics – not the “Data Platform”.
      Here’s one article that try dispel some of the confusion around Big Data, Grid Computing vs Distributed Persistence, Cloud…etc

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