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Stop Talking About Gen AI

Jun 17, 2024
Susan Thayer

Generative AI, although super cool and powerful, has always seemed like a significant risk for companies to use due to the original AI tools operating on a public data model. This created the ultimate Catch-22 situation. To capitalize on the power of Gen AI a company had to put their data into the model but putting the data in the model meant it was no longer private. It was expensive to build your own LLM, so all companies mostly did was talk about it.

What a difference a year makes.

In March, I attended Salesforce’s annual Developer conference, TrailblazerDX. While it’s called TDX for short, it might as well have been named “AI for Business” given its primary focus. Like most of the world, Salesforce is going all in on AI when it comes to CRM.

Salesforce introduced their latest Gen AI offering, a conversational AI tool called Einstein Copilot, designed to operate solely on an organization’s private data. They provide pretrained Large Language Models (LLM) managed by Salesforce and offer a bring your own model option. Now customers know that their data is secure and kept private. With that hurdle addressed, the question then becomes: What can Gen AI do for businesses?

It’s time to move beyond just talking about Gen AI and start implementing it.

While many are familiar with basic use cases for Gen AI, such as generating text or creating images, the question remains: How can organizations leverage AI within their CRM to save time and money? Here is a sampling of timesaving and process improvement tasks companies can now have Gen AI perform for their employees:

AI for Service and Support Teams

  • Quickly draft emails and newsletters that align with the company’s voice and brand. The representative can simply review and, if needed, modify the email before sending to save time typing a response.
  • Summarize relevant service tickets to quickly understand the history during a call. No more asking the customer to “hold while they review their file”.
  • Virtual assistants to help with service calls via chatbots or suggested questions for service reps. This can lead to call deflection, shorter handle times and also guide and assist new support reps with recommended responses.
  • Analyze sentiment in communications. Is the customer happy or upset? You may want to deal with upset customers right away.
  • Draft knowledge articles with new problem and solutions. Information can then be quickly disseminated for other support reps to utilize.

AI for Sales Teams

  • Perform research on accounts and prospects before a meeting to aid in discussions
  • Summarize key account information such as support or product issues and active pursuits before a meeting, reducing surprises during meetings
  • Transcribe calls with summaries and action items. This allows sales reps to focus on relationship building rather than note-taking
  • Generate follow-up emails based on important details discussed on relevant opportunities and products.
  • Recommend customized action plans for closing each opportunity. Sales is not one-size-fits-all, and Gen AI can identify trends and insights for each account.

AI for Marketers

  • Create marketing assets such as images and copy based on your brand guidelines to reduce the time from ideation to execution
  • Segment audiences based on natural language for quickly targeting the right individuals
  • Perform sentiment analysis on every conversation and channel
  • Send personalized ‘bulk’ messages based on prior interactions and attributes
  • Performance insights can identify issues and optimize offers and audiences.

AI for IT Teams

  • Summarize code into human-readable content for documentation
  • Reduce time typing by auto-suggesting code to insert
  • Create test case creation to validate that the code always does what it is designed to do

As you can see Gen AI has the power to reduce mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on their core jobs. Salesforce is just one of many platforms now providing the ability for customers to maintain their private data while taking advantage of the power of Gen AI. What are you waiting for before you start using Gen AI? The future is here now. 

About the author

Susan Thayer

Digital Transformations Practice Manager | United States
Susan is an experienced CRM and digital marketing consultant with nearly 15 years of managing discovery, implementation and strategic use of CRM solutions and related programs.

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