Stay clean, your body transmits your data

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Ten years ago I was invited to see a demonstration from an Israeli company researching the printing of battery and circuits in paper. We had at that moment done mostly passive RFID solutions or active RFID with big and expensive tags (RFID stands for “Radio-frequency identification”. RFID can be passive, active (often with battery) or semi-passive – like the one in printed circuits).

We could only imagine what would come out of this new technology. At the same time, I also received information on a project in Tel Aviv where you store binary information in the human body. Ten years ago it was like science fiction, but now we are doing projects with this type of technology.

We are involved in a project where we develop a mobile solution using technology by transferring data through the body which is then received by a digital device.

Your fingertips and body have now become part of the digital solution.

Connected Me is a an Ericsson concept that demonstrates capacitive coupling, and the power of touch, at speeds of up to 10Mbps.

Connected Paper makes it possible to access information about anything with print on it by touching it. By touching the Connected Paper, the information can be transferred through your body to your digital device.

Your body becomes the network

We are now in the Internet of Things era, and wearables-connected Things exchange data through the Internet. With technologies like capacitive coupling, Things will not only be able to transfer data through the Internet, but also through your body. Your future smart watch will be able to do such things like act as a security key for unlocking doors when you grab the handle or receive a business card by a handshake.

Stay clean, your body transmits your data.

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