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State of Performance Engineering

Antoine Aymer
December 23, 2020


In the first half of 2020, application performance became highly visible and imperative. At the time of writing this report, video conferencing, teleconsultation, online shopping, and many online transactions were all in the midst of extraordinary surges of use. Companies guided by a strong proactive vision in digital business have managed to navigate successfully in these uncertain external circumstances. For instance, UK home furnishing retailer Dunelm reported a 100%+ increase in sales during the lockdown weeks of Spring 2020.

Organizations are changing the way they operate — with a surge in remote work — and they increasingly serve their customers through digital engagement. More resilient and faster digital services are a major success factor for enterprises in the new normal. This is even more prevalent for some companies with digital platforms acting as the only channel of customer interaction. Almost all applications are likely to be deeply embedded within organization core systems and as such, they profoundly impact the overall ecosystem — positively or negatively. What matters is the ability of an organization to anticipate, learn and innovate to protect their brand, reputation and revenue.

Welcome to the 2020 State of Performance Engineering report

The discipline of performance engineering is often reserved for specialists. There is little data available to enterprises to help them understand the current practices and how other organizations are managing it.

This research fills the void by combining the opinions of 515 senior decision makers and the perspective of subject matter experts from Sogeti, Neotys and outside practitioners to explore the landscape of performance engineering. This report reveals the place of application performance in an organization’s business, the organizational structure around it, and the various activities and trends shaping the practice. Derived from our collective pool of experience from helping companies in a wide variety of industries, we aim to provide pragmatic recommendations for organizations willing to improve and enhance the business value their performance engineering delivers.

This report is designed to benefit all stakeholders within an organization that deal with application performance including: executives, business and product owners, architects, developers, quality assurance engineers,
tool coordinators, infrastructure engineers, and system administrators.

Download the full report here.

About the author

CTO at Sogeti DA&T | France
Antoine Aymer is the Market leader supporting 15+ countries in delivering revenue and contribution target. He manages global alliance with key software vendors. He is the General Manager of Cognitive QA platform (AI-based platform for developers and testers) and the co-author of the 2018-2019 World Quality Report & 2019 & 2020 Continuous Testing Report.


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