Sony: Big Data is the next step


Big Data is the next step in Sony’s strategy. That’s what Keisuke Kakoi told me in Tokyo. Kakoi is VP Mobile communications at Sony. He presented the strategy of Sony in Tokyo today, explaining the drive to personalize their products. They have been working on breaking down the silos in order to create “one Sony”. That means one login for all the services, one wallet, one touch and working as one team. And that will all boost “The Sony Experience”.

Big Data will bring a better experience to the customer. Interestingly, Kakoi said that Big Data requires new competences (security for instance), suggesting Sony needs new partnerships.

I asked Mr. Kakoi whether they will launch Sony Glasses. He first mentioned that Sony already produces 3D glasses. Then he said that they have the crucial technological capabilities. They sounded to be better equiped than Google. Then he said that Sony’s strategy is to become more personal.

I take that as “Sony will launch Sony glasses”. Recently they have patented new glass technology, so it’s probably a no-brainer. Interesting question: what will Sony do with the data. If Big Data is Sony’s next step, data on what you’re looking at could enrich their data enormously.

Menno van Doorn


Menno is Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT). He mixes personal life experiences with the findings of the 19 years of research done at the VINT Research Institute.

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