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Smart Cities and the Internet of Things: Follow the Money and the Data

Sogeti Labs
July 15, 2014

3 thoughts on “Smart Cities and the Internet of Things: Follow the Money and the Data

  1. hello Thomas,
    Interesting, but I am a bit confused regarding Smart cities scope. I do not understand from where will come the money. if we are talking about public organization or local government, I think that (maybe only in France) there is a real challenge to fund all infrastructure needed for a real operational Smart City. if we are talking about private companies offering digital services, the economic model will have to be explained and who will pay for all these services maybe reduction of wastes will be an answer but….
    I hope to find out some answers in the next and last report, I will stay tuned… 🙂

    1. Hi Jacques,
      Thanks for your comment. My goal for this blogpost was to show that in all the discourse on the internet of things, there’s a constant mention of huge amounts of money to be made based on sales (of course), but also on efficiency gains. I wanted to show that a lot of companies (Cisco, McKinsey to name a few) are throwing around numbers and to understand them we need to think about the potential for ioT in urban environments. Because a lot of these numbers are based on applications in urban environments. So this is part of the reason VINT is dedicating it’s final research paper on IoT to smart cities.
      So I/we do not claim that there’s a lot of money to be made :), but if this is part of the discourse we set out to find if this is actually the case and if yes, how will this scenario enfold.

      1. Hello Thomas,
        Thanks for this answer, I do agree and it will be great to see which scenario and context that would be occur.

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