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Serverless Architecture: Evolving as Future Business Solutions

Prashanth Vishwanath Hamse
July 30, 2019

Serverless architecture is a concept, wherein developers earlier developed functionalities which were dependent on serverside computing can now be developed and hosted on the client side. This eliminates the dependency on serverside components for development.

The serverless framework helps to develop and deploy serverless applications by using Cloud Platform services.

Every serverless service instance is an independent unit of deployment, for eg. – microservice.

It’s a code, deployed in the cloud, that is written to perform a single job.

Serverless computing, in a nutshell, allows developers to define a code function that a cloud service executes as a result of an event.  The code could be Java, Python, C# or a variety of other languages, along with appropriate dependencies, which are grouped (perhaps in a .ZIP file) and uploaded to a storage service, ready to be executed when needed. Some “functions” can also be coded directly into the service via a GUI.

The Cloud vendor provides the Function as a Service model that enables the platform to provide the underlying infrastructure (typically a container on an already-provisioned VM or service) and executes the code.

To know more about Serverless Architecture, download full PoV here.

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Prashanth is a Senior Architect in Microsoft technology with over 14 years of professional vast experience in SharePoint (Office 365, SP Online, SP 2013) the software industry. He has been working in Presales, Architecting, Solutioning, Development, Customization, analyzing Business Requirements using SharePoint Online /2013, Office 365, Azure, AWS, .Net , Devops he has worked in the Life Science,


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