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monalisaducklips (1)Meet Nixie, a finalist prototype on Intel’s “Make it wearable” contest. Nixie is nothing more than a drone, with a camera attached.. sounds familiar right?; what makes this little guy so special are the wings that support the rotors can actually bend around your wrist and you can wear it as a bracelet. Now that’s cool!

I recently wrote about how you can be uber innovative with the things you have around you; I believe these guys did exactly that, and took it to the a huge next level; now you can be literally the center of your own reality show with this little gadget buzzing like a fly and recording every minute of your day; simply impressive; just the thought of GoPro’s response or attempt on this; makes the business side of this story mouthwatering.

Now, let’s take it to yet another level; suppose you now develop a smart app on your phone that the drone can ping to find your location; let’s say something as simple as pairing it with your built-in Bluetooth signal; now; there is a unique identification, pairing and more importantly, video and audio streaming up to about 30 feet for real amazing perspectives; like I said, your own little reality show. Take this to other uses, How about to follow felons who wear tracking devices?, embedding a chip on the clothes they wear to make the private and secure pairing possible.

On the dark side; well, many people may use this for recording their own “private” shows; hey, don’t complain if it ends up on some tabloid; I’m pretty sure it’ll have some fine print written somewhere.

Wearables dominated 2014’s CES event in Las Vegas, NV.; the speed at which late model smartwatches and smart bracelets are being upgraded threatens to outpace established smartphone and tablet markets according to a research made by Visiongain; they calculate that the global wearable technology market will attain a value of $5.26 billion in 2014 alone.

In a white paper written by HIS in 2013, they mentioned that the future of wearable technology will center around Social and infotainment quickly followed by health, wellness and medical applications; I think they were spot on.

So, there you have it; not really a reason to keep taking selfies, but a reason to pay attention to what surrounds us as humans and the possibilities for an interconnected scenario.

Yvan Hernandez


Yvan Hernandez has been with Sogeti Chicago for the last 3 ½ years. Started as Manager Consultant specializing in SharePoint and .Net and quickly became an SME for SharePoint leading the SharePoint community of practice for the next 2 years. Yvan was promoted to Senior Manager in December 2012 and currently leads the Business Applications practice. Within Sogeti USA, Yvan actively participates as SME within the Microsoft Alliance Group for Yammer after securing partnership level by obtaining his Power-User, Administrator and Community Manager certifications in 2013 and with the Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) group; he is also a member of the National SharePoint leadership group.

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