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Scully: The Angular Static Site Generator

Sogeti Labs
December 30, 2019

If you are going to work on a project which requires fast performance on mobile and/or slow connections – or if you just like performant web applications – and you are going to be able to work with Angular 8 or above, you might want to take a look at Scully, the Static Site Generator for Angular.

Normally a Hello World application in Angular already has a size of around 300KB. It is slow on connections like 3G or lower and won’t give the performance people expect these days. This is caused by the overhead that Angular carries with it as standard. Because Angular is a JavaScript framework, it will only work in browsers with JavaScript turned on. 

As a result, users may drop out and you will have fewer visitors to your website.

Scully is the Glu

Scully can take your Angular application (and soon parts of your Angular application) and create a static version of it. Scully pre-renders each page in your application to plain HTML and CSS and will therefore also work when JavaScript is disabled in the browser. Scully uses machine learning to find and visit all of the routes in an Angular project, after which it will render all the views and save them as plain HTML files. Scully will essentially turn your Angular application into a JAMStack.  The Hello World application from around 300KB that we talk about will become about 20KB when we apply Scully to it. So it is 15 times smaller than before and therefore it will load faster. They also created a plugin system to incorporate Route Plugins and Data Transform Plugins.

Scully turns Angular apps into wicked-fast static sites

At the time of writing, it only supports Angular 9. The official version will support Angular 8 and higher. Now with Angular 9 coming it will be available also on Angular 8. 

Scully is currently in its alpha version and available here.

The beta version is expected by the end of February 2020. Watch the introduction video with examples of Scully here.

You can read more about JAMStack here or download the free O’Reilly book, called ‘Modern Web Development on the JAMStack’

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