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SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket Molecular Sensor For All

Sander Duivestein
May 12, 2014

Meet SCiO. It is the world’s first affordable molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. SCiO is a tiny spectrometer and allows you to get instant relevant information about the chemical make-up of just about anything around you, sent directly to your smartphone. Out of the box, when you get your SCiO, you’ll be able to analyze food, plants, and medications. For example, you can: – Get nutritional facts about different kinds of food: salad dressings, sauces, fruits, cheeses, and much more. – See how ripe an Avocado is, through the peel! – Find out the quality of your cooking oil. – Know the well being of your plants. – Analyze soil or hydroponic solutions. – Authenticate medications or supplements. – Upload and tag the spectrum of any material on Earth to our database. Even yourself ! Check out the Kickstarter page.

About the author

Trend Watcher – New Media, Trend Analyst VINT | Netherlands
Sander Duivestein (1971) is a highly acclaimed and top-rated trendwatcher, an influential author, an acclaimed keynote speaker, a digital business entrepreneur, and a strategic advisor on disruptive innovations. His main focus is the impact of new technologies on people, businesses and society.


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