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Sergio Compean

Immersive Retail

The Immersive Retail report in the Sector Innovation Series covers the megatrends of the digital demographic and the demands for a new kind of shopping experience.  The innovation begins by addressing the key moments in the shopper’s journey to deliver engaging interactions using disruptive technologies, digital assistants and in-store automation.  The report will introduce concepts such as the Retail Service Avatar, a digital being powered by AI and machine learning, that guides the shopper through personalized, in-store immersive experiences.  An innovative, smart store navigation architecture is presented using Retail WayFi, a mesh-based network for delivering location-based guidance and product information with augmented reality overlays.  The report discusses ways to develop smart store capabilities to support intelligent shopping operations and analytics dashboards for tracking real-time in-store activity using heat maps.  The Smart Shelf is introduced as a way to extend the shopping experience through auto-replenishment services while providing additional valuable sustainability information on the products shoppers purchase.  The report concludes by presenting Thinkubator Business as an enterprise innovation platform supported by the Capgemini ecosystem that retail businesses can leverage for delivering accelerated Immersive Retail experiences. 


The Sector Innovation Series FinTech report begins with the creative disruption produced by the disintermediation of services traditionally dominated by incumbent banks and financial services enterprises.  The emergent platform-based business models are introduced as well as the associated tactical and strategic advantages made possible by market segmentation in the long tail and new order economics on the supply side.  FinTech startups leverage disruptive technologies to reimagine financial services to deliver better products and services with more personalization, greater efficiencies and empowerment.  There is increasing pressure for financial services enterprise executives to develop dual strategies to preserve the core business while innovating with new FinTech products and services.  The report presents a strategic, holistic approach to business model innovation, designing a corresponding enterprise architecture and developing a technology ecosystem to support the FinTech venture operating model.  The report concludes with an overview of how Thinkubator Business can deliver accelerated FinTech business model innovation and ecosystem development. 

Connected Health

In Connected Health for the Sector Innovation Series, the report provides an overview of the healthcare challenges and innovation ecosystem opportunities to provide better patient care, improve intake and recovery as well as address chronic treatment.  The limitations of electronic health records management is discussed before introducing a connected health ecosystem architecture.  Disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT and cloud computing are incorporated in platform business model services to drive innovation to deliver more personalized healthcare services and enhanced outcomes.  The report also discusses ways technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of responses in crisis management.  The report concludes with an overview of how Thinkubator Business can be applied for Connected Health innovation.