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Report 1 – Creating Clarity with Big Data

In our initial research report on Big Data, the first of four, we give answers to questions concerning what exactly Big Data is, where it differs from existing data classification, how the transformative potential of Big Data can be estimated, and what the current situation is with regard to adoption and planning.VINT attempts to create clarity in these developments by presenting experiences and visions in perspective: objectively and laced with examples.

Report 2 – Big Social: Predicting Behavior with Big Data

The concrete adoption and plans of organizations are currently and primarily oriented toward the theme of Big Social: basically the customer side, particularly inspired by the social network activity of Web 2.0. Our second Big Data research report deals with this field. Big Social, offers a multi-faceted orientation into next-generation Social Analytics and Social Media. The report will provide you with insights on the predictability of consumer behavior and will assist you in your own judgement by presenting the rapid developments, the analysis of available tools, best practices and inspiring cases.

Report 3: Privacy, Technology and the law

The same tools that drive organizations towards data driven business and have a high impact on marketing, process optimizing and maybe even predicting the future of products with predictive analytics, also raise concerns about new privacy intrusive technological possibilities such as re-identification, ubiquitous monitoring and thorough risk analyses on an individual level. Organizations and their customers need to find a healthy balance that suits both parties. In this report VINT presents Privacy by Design, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and legislation as the winning strategy to make Big Data efforts profitable without harming the trust of customers.

Report 4: Your Big Data Potential: The Art of the Possible

Everyone wants a piece of the Big Data revolution, inspired by cases and applications. The fourth report by VINT deals with the technical and organizational implications that companies need to deal with to unlock their big data potential. The report offers a checklist of twenty questions, that answer whether or not you are properly situated to tap into the Big Data potential, and of where the possible challenges may lie. The new rules focus on business tranformation, technological improvements and new ways of discovering data.