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Remote workers survival tips

Sogeti Labs
May 01, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of people get to experience remote working. If you’re not an experienced remote worker, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. To make this more pleasant, I have summed up a couple of tips to make your life easier.

Tip 1: Plan meetings with a 10-minute break in between sessions

Having back to back sessions can be very intense. To make this easier to handle, make sure to plan meetings with a 10-minute break before the next meeting. It will give you just enough time to get a fresh cup of coffee/tea or have a restroom break. It’s just like you walk to a different meeting room at the office.

Tip 2: Use a standing desk

One of the best purchases in my home office is my standing desk. The standing desk made it possible for me to switch my working position multiple times a day. A friend of mine recommended it for recording videos. It helped me to have a more active stance during my recordings/webinars.

Tip 3: Have meetings with a clear meeting agenda

Having a clear meeting agenda is not specific to remote work, but it is essential to make sure meetings stay short and to the point. Don’t send meeting requests to people without an agenda attached and encourage others to have a meeting agenda in their meeting requests. You will be surprised how well meetings go after that.

Tip 4: Put focus blocks in your schedule

In the current pandemic, I experienced that it’s easier for people to plan meetings in the calendars of colleagues than when they’re at the company office. If you want to work on something and focus: make sure to put blocks in your schedule. You can even set up rules in your e-mail client to automatically cancel meeting invites that are in your focus blocks.

Tip 5: Use your webcam when having a meeting

Just like with regular meetings, it’s good to see other people when they talk. Also, this makes it more inviting to speak as well. It will lead to a more interactive meeting. When you are only sending content during the meeting, you might want to make sure that only the presenters can add their webcams to the meeting to avoid disruptions.

Hopefully, you gained some insights from these tips, and please stay safe!

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