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What is really wrong with people?

Sogeti Labs
June 05, 2014

2 thoughts on “What is really wrong with people?

  1. So, managers are not tactful and speak disjointedly, developers tend to be negative and are vulnerable to fear and negative self-image, and testers are difficult to please and can rarely satisfy even themselves? Also, according to your article, no one in IT can be the life of the party. And this is based on what information? Your personal experience? And your solution to this issue is “just deal with it.” Way to bring about change in your organization.

    1. Dan,
      I have met developers that are Melancholy Sanguine. I call them peacock developers. They are definitely the life of the party. They are always boasting about their code and cracking jokes. It is like having a peacock in the room. I have only met two peacock developers in my lifetime.
      The information is based on surveys that were performed at my church and also surveys in the Columbus branch of Sogeti. Engineering personality types naturally fall into the Melancholy category.
      As far as changing the weaknesses of others; it is my opinion that each of us have a duty to identify our own weaknesses and work to overcome them. Personality shortcomings are much more difficult to change than skill sets. For example, in my own life I struggled with a negative pattern of thinking for 45 years. By the grace of God I was able to overcome it.
      Kind regards,

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