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Raspberry PI Minicomputer Next-Generation Technology

Prashanth Vishwanath Hamse
March 24, 2021

Problem Statement

A new area of digital world arises due to the current pandemic: COVID-19 which is being faced worldwide, while the world is still adopting social distance practice. System Technology takes a step ahead in order to deal with this issue where almost all of India is working from home. Students of schools/colleges are struggling to cope with costly hardware (Laptop/Desktops). To overcome this challenge, I have come up with the exceptional idea of using low-cost devices which can save millions of dollars cost on laptop/desktop.

Many people have started adopted to use: ‘Raspberry Pi 4 B with Raspberry Pi OS’. This helps to connect to their online classroom, surf the internet, connect office systems to virtual machines, and has power for real multitasking and productivity

Background: From 2012 until 2019, the Raspberry Pi wasn’t thought of as a serious PC or Laptop replacement, today many are considering it as a PC or Laptop replacement that can run data-intensive server loads or connecting virtual machines, or running computer programs that are a cost-effective solution.

Since its launch, the Pi has been adopted by many schools, a way to inspire children to learn about computing its availability has almost tripled in the number of people applying to study computer science at Cambridge.


The Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of media centers, file servers, there are hundreds of projects out there, where people have used the Pi to build tablets, laptops, phones, robots, smart mirrors, to take pictures on the edge of space, to run experiments on Projects like IOT, Artificial Intelligence and more.

With the Pi 4 being faster, able to decode 4K video, benefiting from faster storage via USB 3.0, and faster network connections via true Gigabit Ethernet

Use case scenario:

During the Covid situation, students geared up for online class from home. One of the Indian schools and colleges is leveraging these, any organization can yield inspiration from this idea saving initial hardware setup cost.

I have implemented with 4GB of RAM and 64GB microSD for Raspberry Pi OS & Ubuntu, with a series of nearly 60+ tabs on Chromium browser with actively playing 4K video (via HDMI). It is not so difficult to install Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi.

OS Installation and Assembling

Install Raspbian OS (Preloaded Office, Chromium Browser) on MicroSD card using Raspberry Pi imager or Balena Etcher

There are other OS flavors like Ubuntu, Windows IoT Core, Alpine Linux, and many more you may install

Assemble Raspberry Pi Case with Heat Sink and Fan, Plugin all your hardware devices as per below Diagram:

Finally, Raspberry Pi4 is assembled and powered on as you can see Raspbian OS is booted in a few seconds to display the screen as below, you may set up a system with a wireless network and basic Country, Language, and Time zone details

Next Step: Installing Microsoft Teams

  1. Snap can be installed by command line: ‘sudo apt update sudo apt install snapd’
    1. MS Teams can be installed by command line: ‘sudo snap install teams-for-linux’
    2. To run MS Teams, use the following command: ‘teams-for-linux’

Anyone can be able to login to MS Teams where CPU Process & memory usage displayed


Raspberry Pi is the future for the next generation of software that is powerful enough to use for the daily function of programming, web browsing, running software with multitasking, the best single-board computer, and one of the best values you can get with a desktop computer.

About the author

Senior Manager | India
Prashanth is a Senior Architect in Microsoft technology with over 14 years of professional vast experience in SharePoint (Office 365, SP Online, SP 2013) the software industry. He has been working in Presales, Architecting, Solutioning, Development, Customization, analyzing Business Requirements using SharePoint Online /2013, Office 365, Azure, AWS, .Net , Devops he has worked in the Life Science,


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