Owner: Abdul Gizzini
Apr 26, 2024
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5G networks will have to support new multi-industry applications and services with radically different requirements. In order to deploy these various services within a network, the TWAN project will leverage SDN and NFV technologies to create and manage isolated network partitions (slices) on a shared WAN (Wide Area Network) infrastructure. The project will propose a software platform for orchestrating a WAN network. We are looking for a set of solutions to automate this network and optimization algorithms for the dynamic reconfiguration of multi-domain and multi-technology WAN partitions. The main idea will be to optimize routing and service deployment using AI technology. The solution will also have to take into account the following aspects: minimizing energy costs and latency, and optimizing resource use. We’ll also be working on an intelligent top layer for decision support. The resulting network will be a Knowledge defined network (KDN) where the logic of AI-based decisions will be explained, ensuring robustness and confidence in the solutions developed.

Network Automation, Traffic Engineering, SDN, SD-WAN, AI, XAI