Owner: Ines Ben Kraiem
Apr 26, 2024
  • Abstract
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Project management relies on a rigorous methodology, integrating defined practices, logics, and processes, aimed at orchestrating optimal planning, development, and control of a project throughout its lifecycle to ensure its success. However, given the numerous variables influencing projects, especially in the information technology ecosystems of businesses, determining the ideal methodology for a specific project becomes complex.
The ELIT project aims to address this complexity by developing and implementing a decision-making approach. This approach, tailored to the unique characteristics of each IT project, will identify the most relevant project management methodology. Additionally, the ELIT project aims to evaluate and predict the viability of projects from their inception through the use of artificial intelligence. This early anticipation of potential obstacles and challenges will provide the opportunity to take corrective measures or abandon projects with high risk.
To address these challenges, we utilize machine learning algorithms and generic artificial intelligence. These tools facilitate and automate project verification and validation from its initiation, through feasibility studies and risk analysis, to the selection of the most suitable project management method.

Project management, Agile, decision-making, Machine learning, Generative AI