Owner: Mouna Ben Mabrouk
Apr 26, 2024
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  • Technology

AI4FinOps is an automated platform aiming at harmonizing collaboration between DevOps and Finance teams to optimize expenses related to cloud infrastructure. AI4FinOps enables a comprehensive understanding of costs by linking expense data to the business. It establishes compliance strategies and tags and calculates custom rates for better financial management. The platform provides timely expense data to enable real-time decision-making. It identifies anomalies almost instantly and effectively communicates with relevant stakeholders for increased responsiveness. AI FinOps optimizes cloud resource usage by resizing underutilized resources. It covers not only compute but also databases, storage, and managed services, ensuring elasticity and scalability. The platform balances the use of different pricing models, such as on-demand, reserved capacities, spot market, etc. This maximizes savings while considering fees and flexibility. AI4FinOps offers personalized plans based on each company’s specific needs. This balances costs and engineering efforts with overall savings, while setting a minimum savings threshold for effective resource management.

ChatBot, NLP, LLM, XAI, DevOps, Deep Leaning and Machine Learning