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Discover the Quality Coach role and their Toolbox

Emna Ayadi
October 19, 2023

It’s easy to say, “Quality is everyone’s responsibility”, but putting it into practice and involving the whole team in quality is not obvious. The role of a Quality Coach exists to help team members and stakeholders actively adopt quality practices and make quality tangible in the product, processes, and people involved.

As a Quality Coach, I would like to first present the role in detail, then share my first experience in this role, the challenges I encountered, and the results of this experimentation at the team and organizational levels.
I learned that it is necessary to know beforehand: what aspect of quality the team wants to improve, why they want to do so, and how we can benefit from cross-functional learning and experimentation through communities of practice, as well as visualization.
I learned different facilitation techniques for an effective coaching experience with teams to make them committed to quality.
In this presentation, I will share with you the role of a Quality Coach in agile teams, as well as the toolbox that can be used during facilitation, with the aim of meeting the objectives of the organization and teams towards quality.
This presentation was done at HUSTEF conference 4th October 2023 in Budapest.

About the author

Quality Consultant | France
Emna is a passionate Tester. She started her career in IT in 2015 with a focus on Quality Assurance, she got the chance to work on multinational projects combined between Testing and Quality Coaching roles. Currently she works at Sogeti France. Emna is an international speaker and workshop facilitator.