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Cloud Framework

Jul 11, 2024
Jul 11, 2024

I love to share my real-time workplace experience, but this time I’m sharing an experience which came during one of our connect session where the Enterprise Scale Cloud Foundation topic was being discussed.

The discussion was centered around Cloud Adoption Framework’s different design areas, which architects use to design and develop their enterprise-scale solutions to migrate their workloads to the Azure cloud. After the discussion around each design area was completed, one of architects asked about “Cost Optimization” which is a key pillar of “Well-Architected Framework” across most of the Cloud Service Providers.

The above scenario makes me to write about cloud adoption framework and well architected. The attached presentation contains various pillars of both framework in context of Azure cloud. I also included the relevant link for AWS and GCP cloud as well.

Here are my takeaways:

Azure’s Well-Architected Framework targets a specific workload, and the Cloud Adoption Framework picks them up from the point of migration to the cloud.
Well-Architected Framework’s five pillars (mentioned in the attached document) are same for both Azure and AWS whereas GCP also have six pillars. The pillars are System Design, Operational Excellence, Security, privacy, and compliance, Reliability, Cost Optimization and Performance Optimisation
Cloud Adoption Framework varies for each cloud service provider since it is designed for the migration of workloads to the respective CSP’s cloud environment.

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Prakash Pandey

Lead Architect | India
Prakash Pandey is Sr. Cloud Architect, Mentor, Speaker, blogger on “Azure Cloud & Security”, Facilitator for Architect & LnD || Received Best Mentor Award for Sogeti OD.