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CI & CD and your organization

Jul 17, 2018
Jul 17, 2018

So you want to start using CI/CD. But what is it? More importantly, what will it do? And how will you get your organization to move along with you?

All these questions will be addressed in the slide deck below.
The presentation does not focus on the technology or tooling. It starts with addressing the change management and the CI/CD pipeline concept in a nutshell. It discusses what defines an enterprise and an organization. Once these concepts are clear, we get a peek into what influences people around us.
When we are more aware of the context and the role of the people around us, we know how to phrase a request so that they see your request as a win-win proposal.
Spoiler: Patterns are all around us.
Recognizing these patterns can help you talk to people around you and hold a nice, constructive discussion.
Have fun and enjoy the deck.
If you want to talk about the content, feel free to drop a line and we can plan a (video) call.

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