PoV on SharePoint – Future & Roadmap


SharePoint has been a leading platform for enterprises providing a wide array of services such as document storage and management, internal collaboration and communications, business intelligence, intranet portals, and workflow management.

In the current scenario, SharePoint users experience is fundamentally changing as cloud content services emerge in a variety of end-user applications from Microsoft and its partners. With SharePoint’s move to the cloud, the changing roles of making it as a shared service across Office 365.

The attached article focuses on the evolution of the “SharePoint Experience”, its role and future in today’s modern digital workplace programs and the next generation solutions to be proposed to our customers.

The PoV is available for download here.

Pranab Poddar


Pranab is a Senior SharePoint Architect with 18+ years of total experience in Microsoft Technologies. Expertise in Solution Architecture, Estimations, Technical Pre-Sales & end-to-end migration related to SharePoint-O365 & Azure.

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