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Take your functional automation tests a step further with Applitools Visual Testing. Traditional automation tests are great when it comes to catching bugs related to functionality and application workflow. Yet they fail at the last mile when it comes to catching issues related to UI, UX and visual aesthetics. For front-end applications, visual quality and appeal are equally important. Therefore, it is imperative for every company to invest in Visual Testing as much as functional testing.

Applitools is one such tool that helps you achieve both. Applitools Visual AI can identify functional as well as UI issues in web applications across various browsers and platforms  (desktop, mobile, tablet). Web Testing, Visual Testing, Accessibility Testing, and Responsive Design Testing are just a few examples of its use cases. Applitools integrates with a wide variety of modern automation frameworks and applications and has support for various programming languages like Java, C#, Javascript, Ruby, PHP and Python.

Sogeti’s alliance with Applitools will help you to deliver comprehensive functional & visual quality solutions for your clients. Please reach out to Sogeti QE&T Practice team to know more about Applitools.

Download the PoV to know more about Applitools features.

About Biswajit Guha

Biswajit is part of the Automation COE in Sogeti QE&T. He has more than 13 years of technical expertise in establishing end-to-end automation solutions, environment management, CI/CD implementation for on-premises and cloud-based applications. Biswajit likes to stay hands-on with current automation trends and is a strong advocate of shift-left and early-automation ideologies. Apart from his interest in subjects of Quality Engineering, Biswajit is interested in photography, movies and spending time with his son.

Chaitali Lambat


Chaitali is leading the Innovation tower in Sogeti Testing Practice. She is the product owner and architect for the Testing Sales platform 'Jennie'. This is a platform that integrates assets from different areas of testing like test processes, automation, non functional along with assessment & knowledge management framework. This platform is built using PowerApps, Power Automate, MS Flow and Sharepoint. Chaitali was instrumental in architecting Business intelligence and cognitive solution called 'Cognitive QA' using Microsoft Services and tools like Power BI, Text Analytics and various cognitive services of Azure. The Cognitve QA solution has a skype bot 'Navya' which is built on top of QnA maker and LUIS that answers to testing specific queries for any account. In the past Chaitali had developed assets for process automation and also conducted several Test Process Improvement assessments using TPI Next framework. She has trained several associates on TMap test design techniques. Her whitepaper 'Aligning metrics to Org BU goals' was published in QA&Test Org in 2015 and 'Scriptless Automation - A guide to automate' was published in same forum in the year 2018..

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