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Podcast: The Trends in Test Automation

Sven Euteneuer
January 05, 2022

In this first podcast of an upcoming series, Jörg and Sven from SogetiLabs Germany look at the major developments influencing test automation in 2021, covering:

  • The impact of Agility and DevOps
  • The adoption of Low/No-Code
  • The promise of AI support in tools

Host: Sven Euteneuer

Guest: Jörg Eisenblätter, Head of Test Automation

About the author

Portfolio Director | Germany
At Sogeti Germany, Sven is responsible for transforming and innovating the service and solution portfolio. His main interests lie in Cybersecurity, quality in the IoT and OT spaces and impacts of AI and machine learning on quality assurance. He is author or co-author of several publications in the quality assurance, quality engineering and testing space.


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