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PMOs: Change mindset, Adopt the firefighter approach

Sogeti Labs
May 04, 2015

2 thoughts on “PMOs: Change mindset, Adopt the firefighter approach

  1. Hello, I am not sure that the Fire Dept is a good analogy. This is because the life cycle of a major or mega project can span very many years during which there are going to be personnel changes and inevitable scope changes.
    Further cost containment pressures inhibit the amounts that can be spent on ‘planning’ or preplanning. Pre feasibility studies get merged with feasibility studies. What can happen then is that all sorts of promises are made to win an order but without regard to fulfilling those promises. The winning of an order earns that party a glory which is a marketable commodity that can propel a career forwards and upwards. And the ‘fire’ or “Panic Phase” has yet to start.
    Kind Regards

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