Nikesh Chapagain

Nikesh Chapagain

Senior Consultant | USA

From an early age, I have always had a curious mind. My parents have told me a story about how I took apart a VHS player and successfully put it back together when I was just five years old. My inquisitive nature led me to explore technology further, starting with my first iPod Touch which I jailbroke to access additional features. This sparked my passion and interest in technology and eventually took my first computer programming class in 10th grade.

After graduating with a software engineering degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2017, I founded my own business with a friend. I developed various plugins, websites, and web-based software to help businesses streamline their operations. Notably, I developed a software that turns a PBX phone system completely online, making it more accessible and cost-effective for businesses. Additionally, I created an innovative software for a school that uses IBM Watson to analyze user’s moods, and body language, and provide feedback to help them prepare for interviews.

Outside of work, I am an avid learner and constantly strive to improve my skills. I have been dedicating a significant amount of time recently to mastering Flutter and ReactNative to provide better mobile app solutions. I am also an avid reader and have been devouring books on a wide range of topics, including people, technology, and new methods.

In my professional life, I aspire to use my expertise to help my co-workers, clients, and customers. I am committed to keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and continuously growing in my field. With my passion for learning and innovative mindset, I am poised to continue making significant contributions to the tech industry.
In my previous role, I developed software that was designed to assist copywriters in creating high-quality copy for a variety of purposes, including websites, ads, sales pages, and more. This software featured an intuitive dashboard where users could input relevant information and answer targeted questions. By leveraging OpenAI, the same cutting-edge AI technology used by ChatGPT, the software could then generate engaging and effective copy that was tailored to each client’s specific needs. This innovative tool helped streamline the copywriting process, allowing users to produce high-quality content more efficiently and effectively.

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