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Open data: Data for free or free datas? What’s the impact?

Sogeti Labs
January 31, 2014

2 thoughts on “Open data: Data for free or free datas? What’s the impact?

  1. Open data is a hot topics in some area. Air Quality (external and internal) is more and more a concern for populations exposed to different pollutants (coming from transport, industry, etc…). Today, data producers in each European union country create air quality data everyday and every hour. A big problem is to spread in near real time a synthesis of these information in case of alert or problem for the human health. This is rather a manual process involving data producers and political representative at regional level (or national level in case of great emergency). Open data can be a solution in order to have access to these information in real time and develop application (e.g. for mobile phone) that coukd deliver advice to exposed population, thus increasing the response level and the accuracy of this response

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