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OneDeploy Acclerator by Sogeti OneDeliver

Amarjeet Singh
March 16, 2018

OneDeploy is a pre-created set-up of a full DevOps template, utilizes the MS-based and open source toolset for Automated e2e Build, Test, Deploy and Release Management. The End-to-End CI/CD pipeline Integrates with leading public cloud provider AWS or Azure. OneDeploy helps in:

  • Increased speed, efficiency, and quality of software delivery
  • Reduces communication barrier between the teams,
  • Elevate agile development and faster resolution of problems
  • It reduces the release cost significantly for agile developments
OneDeploy is customizable, its highly-configurable dashboard provides the user and teams with the flexibility to share information, monitor progress and trends, and improve the workflow processes. With the code tile widgets, one can monitor the activity occurring within a repo or branch folder. Build history displays a histogram of all the build run for a specific build definition. Bar color indicated: green-completed, red-failed and yellow – completed without tests. With flat-list queries, one can create various charts to monitor status, progress, and trends – shown in the Figure above.

About the author

Senior Cloud Architect | India
TOGAF Level1 & Level2 certified Enterprise Architect having 17+ years of experience in end to end Solution Design / Architecting, Architecture Reviews, Integration experience using best practices in Design ensuring performance and scalability of the Systems.


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