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It’s 25 years since Sogeti published the first TMAP® book on software testing. TMAP quickly became a globally recognized body of knowledge for quality engineering in IT delivery – and remains so today. But times have changed. Testing that was once an isolated function is now an integral part of the end-to-end IT delivery lifecycle. So, it should come as no surprise that we’ve renewed our TMAP body of knowledge to reflect the modern reality of quality engineering.

In our new book ‘Quality for DevOps teams,’ we describe a comprehensive approach to support cross-functional teams in the implementation of quality in their DevOps culture. This cross-functional approach is a key difference. In today’s IT world where a DevOps culture prevails, everyone in these cross-functional teams should strive to deliver the pursued business value with quality at speed.

This charge towards DevOps was the trigger for our new TMAP book and updated body of knowledge published on the website. Indeed, we’ve chosen to put DevOps in the book title. This takes on board changes in the ‘way’ we do quality engineering, rather than changes in the technology itself. At Sogeti, we’re firmly of the belief that by sharing this knowledge we can make value, not just for our own business, but for the wider IT industry as it continues to adopt DevOps.

So, what new thinking will you find in ‘Quality for DevOps teams’? Firstly, it’s important to point out that not everything has changed. The TMAP body of knowledge online is comprehensive and established – with both long-held and new approaches and techniques. Nonetheless, our new book covers relevant aspects of this body of knowledge as they pertain to everyone involved in high-performance IT delivery, such as DevOps. For example, we describe:

  • How to implement quality engineering in the cross-functional working culture
  • Our VOICE (Value, Objective, Indicators, Confidence, Experience) model for achieving business value
  • How to benefit from a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline
  • The optimum way to group QA and testing activities around 20 ‘Organizing’ and ‘Performing’ topics
  • How to integrate DevOps activities with QA and testing in a high-performance IT delivery model
  • The personal, interpersonal and team skills that ensure DevOps and quality engineering success

The above gives you just a small flavor of ‘Quality for DevOps teams’. In total, the book offers a solid overview of the TMAP view on quality engineering. It is a valuable resource for DevOps teams, as well as for those who organize QA and testing, or manage IT delivery today.

Find out more – Read the book and visit the TMAP website

  • To find out more about the TMAP body of knowledge, visit
  • To order your copy of ‘Quality for DevOps teams’, visit (as of 17 March 2020)
  • To sign up for a TMAP training course, contact your local Sogeti representative
Rik Marselis


Rik Marselis is one of Sogeti’s most senior management consultants in the field of Digital Assurance and Testing. He has assisted many organizations in improving their IT-processes, in establishing their test approach, setting up their quality & test organization, and he acted as quality coach, test manager and quality supervisor. Also Rik is a much-appreciated keynote-speaker at conferences.

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