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New Report Alert: Sector Innovation Series – Immersive Retail

Sergio Compean
July 19, 2021

The Immersive Retail report in the Sector Innovation Series covers the megatrends of the digital demographic and the demands for a new kind of shopping experience.  The innovation begins by addressing the key moments in the shopper’s journey to deliver engaging interactions using disruptive technologies, digital assistants and in-store automation.  The report will introduce concepts such as the Retail Service Avatar, a digital being powered by AI and machine learning, that guides the shopper through personalized, in-store immersive experiences.  An innovative, smart store navigation architecture is presented using Retail WayFi, a mesh-based network for delivering location-based guidance and product information with augmented reality overlays.  The report discusses ways to develop smart store capabilities to support intelligent shopping operations and analytics dashboards for tracking real-time in-store activity using heat maps.  The Smart Shelf is introduced as a way to extend the shopping experience through auto-replenishment services while providing additional valuable sustainability information on the products shoppers purchase.  The report concludes by presenting Thinkubator Business as an enterprise innovation platform supported by the Capgemini ecosystem that retail businesses can leverage for delivering accelerated Immersive Retail experiences. 

Download full report here

About the author

Director | United States
Sergio Compean comes to Sogeti USA with extensive technology consulting and leadership experience in the areas of distributed systems software engineering and enterprise solutions. Sergio has been successful in building culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to develop high performing teams that deliver significant value to clients across market segments and project portfolios.


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